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fangyu(shanghai)automation technology co.,ltdIt is mainly engaged in the integration, maintenance, installation, debugging, maintenance and robot sales of Yaskawa robots."Honesty and trustworthiness, quality first, mutual benefit and win-win" is our consistent business purpose, and "people-oriented, customer first" is our long-term cultural philosophy. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the sales and promotion of authentic products in order to achieve the goal of mutual ...
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Vertical Multi Joint Handling Robot Arm Yaskawa GP35L 6 Axis Pick Up Packaging Stacking

Standard Specifications:MOTOMAN-GP35L


Construction:Vertical Multi Joint Type (6 Degrees Of Freedom)

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Automatic Palletizing Robot Arm MPL80 II Industrial For YASKAWA 4kg Payload

Type:Packaging Line, MPL80II

Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Printing ...

Showroom Location:None

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5 Axis Robotic Palletizing Equipment MPL160 II 160kg 3159mm Industrial With DX200 Cabinet With Positioner


Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Farms

Weight (KG):1700

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MPX2600 Automatic Car Spraying Robot Arm Industrial Yaskawa

Type:Painting Robots


Machine Type:Painting Robots, Spray Booths, Painting Equipment, Plc Controller Programmable Logic Controller, Pre-treatment Equipment, Coating Equipment, Sandblasting Machine, Other, Spraying Robot, Automated Robot, Automated Industrial Arm, Handing Manipulator

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2023-06-01 11:18:33
Product quality is excellent, after the supplier is trustworthy
2023-06-01 11:18:51
FANGYU is a great company, and the quality of the products is good. It's worth pushing and trusting
2023-06-01 11:19:06
Miss feng has been cooperating with us in making samples and customizing, and has been patient and responsible in dealing with our requirements every time. Thank you very much to Anne, and we will continue our cooperation
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Industrial robot MOTOMAN has accumulated 500000 shipments
Industrial robot MOTOMAN has accumulated 500000 shipments
Industrial robot MOTOMAN has accumulated 500000 shipments Since the launch of the fully electric industrial robot "MOTOMAN-L10" by Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yaskawa Electric") in 1977, it has been widely favored by domestic and foreign customers.                                   In 1994, Yaskawa Electric Robot Control Cabinet YASNAC MRC achieved complete independent coordination of actions between multiple robots. Since 2003, in the process of striving to meet customer needs, starting from general-purpose robots suitable for welding, handling, and other purposes, we have promoted the adoption of "purpose optimization robots" in the robotics industry that optimize the structure based on application methods and functions. In addition, six degrees of freedom robots can correspond to general actions, and by adding one more degree of freedom to them, 7-axis robots with the same degree of freedom as human arms have been achieved, as well as dual wrist robots that can reproduce the same wrist as humans for operations using 7-axis robots. Yaskawa Electric has continuously explored new robot markets with the advanced technology of this era. In recent years, in the context of population reduction on production lines, severe labor shortages, and the prevention of the expansion of infectious diseases, the demand for products in the general industrial sectors facing the third tier market (food, medical supplies, cosmetics) and the 3C market (computers, home appliances, communication machines) has also increased, in order to meet the demand for diversified products (multi variety, multi variable), Since 2018, Yaskawa Electric has been selling the human-machine collaborative robot "MOTOMAN-HC10DT" that can work around people, expanding the application range of industrial robots.
Japan Exhibition
Japan Exhibition
Three axis horizontal rotation positioner+AR2010 flip chip robot+enclosed arc welding sheet metal room
Three axis horizontal rotation positioner+AR2010 flip chip robot+enclosed arc welding sheet metal room
Three axis horizontal rotation positioner+AR2010 flip chip robot+enclosed arc welding sheet metal room The welding room adopts a closed sheet metal room, with all electrical cabinets placed on the roof and occupying a small space. The workstation is integrated with protective measures such as PLC, safety grating, and safety lock Adopt the double station travel mode of positioner, with strong reachability Both solutions are suitable for welding workstations of new energy battery trays
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