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6 Axis Motor Yaskawa Robot Arm Automatic Core Components Up To 1.5m Reach

6 Axis Motor Yaskawa Robot Arm Automatic Core Components Up To 1.5m Reach

1.5m Yaskawa Robot Arm

6 Axis Motor Yaskawa Robot Arm

Yaskawa Automatic Welding Machine Robot

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yaskawa robot

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Product Details
Industrial Robot Arm
Warranty Of Core Components::
1 Year
Carton Packing
Product Name:
Yaskawa Robot
Yaskawa Robot Arm
Floor, Inverted, Wall, Ceiling
Up To 1.5m
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Delivery Time
Product Description

Product Description:

Yaskawa Robot Arm is an automatic welding machine robot, designed for high-precision welding, designed to meet the most demanding requirements. It is used for welding and assembling industrial parts. This machine is suitable for high-speed, precision welding in the manufacturing industry. It has a reach of up to 1.5m, and it is equipped with PLC, engine, bearing, and motor as its core components. This robot arm is designed to work in a wide range of temperature, from -10°C to +50°C, and it comes with a machinery test report. The package is carton packing.

This automatic welding robot is equipped with advanced technology, such as anti-collision and automatic welding system. It provides high precision and high speed welding, and it can be used for welding of different materials. It is suitable for a variety of welding processes, such as spot welding, arc welding, laser welding, and more. The robot arm is durable and reliable, and it is designed to be easy to maintain. It is a perfect choice for any industrial application.



  • Product Name: Yaskawa Robot Arm
  • Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Wall, Ceiling
  • Controller: YRC1000
  • Protection Class: IP67
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C To +50°C
  • Type: Industrial Robot Arm
  • Features: Automatic, Robots, Robots Arm

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Machinery Test Report Provided
Product Name Yaskawa Robot
Reach Up To 1.5m
Warranty of core components 1 Year
Package Carton Packing
Power Supply 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Core Components PLC, Engine, Bearing, Motor
Type Industrial Robot Arm
Name Yaskawa Robot Arm
Operating Temperature -10°C To +50°C
Automatic Yes
Welding Machine Robot Yes
Welding Machine Robot Arm Yes


Yaskawa Robot, with its model number Fangyu, is one of the most advanced and reliable industrial robots on the market. It is truly an all-in-one solution for automating various welding, assembly, and material handling tasks in industrial settings. Yaskawa Robot is designed to provide superior performance and reliability for years of reliable service. Its protection class IP67 ensures that it can withstand harsh industrial environments and its minimum order quantity is only 1. With a delivery time of only 45 days, you can be sure to get your Yaskawa Robot as soon as possible. Yaskawa Robot also comes with a Machinery Test Report so you can rest assured that it meets all the safety requirements.

Yaskawa Robot is also designed with versatility in mind. It can be mounted on floors, walls, ceilings, or even inverted, allowing it to handle a variety of tasks. Its advanced automatic welding machine robot is capable of performing different welding tasks with great accuracy, while its robot arm can be used for precise material handling and assembly operations. Yaskawa Robot is also backed by a 1-year warranty on its core components, so you can be sure that you are getting a reliable and durable industrial robot.



Yaskawa Robot Arm – Customized Service

Brand Name: Yaskawa Robot

Model Number: Fangyu

Place of Origin: China

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Delivery Time: 45

Product Name: Yaskawa Robot Arm

Power Supply: 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Warranty of core components: 1 Year

Core Components: PLC, Engine, Bearing, Motor

Yaskawa Robot Arm is the ideal choice for welding machine robots, automatic robots, flexible robots and other applications. It is highly reliable and offers superior flexibility and performance. Our custom service is designed to meet your specific needs, and we can provide you with the most suitable robot arm for your business needs, no matter how large or small.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure your Yaskawa Robot Arm is perfect for your application. We can provide you with a customized power supply, core components, and warranty information to suit your needs. We can also help you with installation, maintenance and repair services. We provide you with everything you need to guarantee the highest quality and performance for your Yaskawa Robot Arm.


Support and Services:

Yaskawa Robot Arm Technical Support and Service

At Yaskawa, we want to provide our customers with the best possible experience when using our products. That’s why we offer comprehensive technical support and service.

Technical Support

We provide online technical support for our customers. Our support team is available 24/7 and can provide assistance and advice with any questions or issues you may have. We also offer telephone and email support.


We offer a range of services for our robot arm products. Our services include installation, maintenance, and repair. We also offer training and custom programming services.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our technical support and service, please contact us. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Yaskawa Robot Arm

The Yaskawa Robot Arm is packaged in a sturdy box, and is shipped in a secure container with protective cushioning for the robot arm and components.

The box is labeled with the product name, model number, and other pertinent information. It is sealed with a tamper-evident seal and is shrink-wrapped for added protection.

The protective cushioning is designed to keep the robot arm and its components safe during transit. This includes foam inserts, bubble wrap, and other protective materials.

The Robot Arm is shipped with instructions for assembly, programming, and operation, as well as safety guidelines.

The shipping company will provide tracking information to the customer, allowing them to monitor the progress of the shipment from the time of purchase to delivery.



Q1: What is the Brand Name of Yaskawa Robot Arm?
A1: The Brand Name of Yaskawa Robot Arm is Yaskawa.
Q2: What is the Model Number of Yaskawa Robot Arm?
A2: The Model Number of Yaskawa Robot Arm is Fangyu.
Q3: Where does the Yaskawa Robot Arm come from?
A3: The Yaskawa Robot Arm comes from China.
Q4: What is the Minimum Order Quantity of Yaskawa Robot Arm?
A4: The Minimum Order Quantity of Yaskawa Robot Arm is 1.
Q5: How long does it take to deliver the Yaskawa Robot Arm?
A5: It takes 45 days to deliver the Yaskawa Robot Arm.

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