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Vertical Multi Joint Handling Robot Arm Yaskawa GP35L 6 Axis Pick Up Packaging Stacking

Vertical Multi Joint Handling Robot Arm Yaskawa GP35L 6 Axis Pick Up Packaging Stacking

Multi Joint Handling Robot Arm

Handling Robot Arm GP35L

6 Axis motoman gp35l

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Product Details
Standard Specifications:
Vertical Multi Joint Type (6 Degrees Of Freedom)
Portable Quality * 1:
Hand Head 35kg On The U-arm 10kg
Up To:
2538 ㎜
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy * 2:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Price negotiable
Delivery Time
7-10 days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
goods in stock
Product Description

Yaskawa Robot GP35L6 Axis Vertical Multi Joint Handling, Pickup/Packaging, Stacking, Assembly/Sub packaging

Yaskawa Robot GP35L
6-axis vertical multi joint type
Load: 35KG
Action range: 2538mm
Control cabinet: YRC1000
Usage: handling, picking/packaging, palletizing, assembly/repackaging

Action range S-axis (rotation)   -180°- +180°
L-axis (lower arm)  -90 ° -+135 °
U-axis (upper arm)  -80 ° -+206 °
R-axis (wrist rotation)  -360 ° -+360 °
B-axis (wrist swing)  -125 ° -+125 °
T-axis (wrist rotation)  -360 ° -+360 °
Maximum speed  S-axis (rotation)  3.14rad/s, 180°/s
L-axis (lower arm)  2.44rad/s, 140 °/s
U-axis (upper arm)  3.11rad/s, 178 °/s
R-axis (wrist rotation)  4.36rad/s, 250 °/s
B-axis (wrist swing)  4.36rad/s, 250 °/s
T-axis (wrist rotation)  6.28rad/s, 360 °/s
Allowable torque R-axis (wrist rotation)  147N. m
B-axis (wrist swing)  147N. m
T-axis (wrist rotation)  78N. m
Allowable moment of inertia(GD2/4) R-axis (wrist rotation)  10kg.m2
B-axis (wrist swing)  10kg.m2
T-axis (wrist rotation)   4kg.m






















Yaskawa Robotics, with its rich functions and core components, can meet the needs of a wide range of users, including bulk parts grabbing, embedding, assembly, polishing, and processing.
Ultra long arm, expanded application range
Expand the application range based on high-speed movements and a wide range of movements.
Reduced the number of cables between the robot and the control cabinet, improved maintenance while providing simple equipment

Vertical Multi Joint Handling Robot Arm Yaskawa GP35L 6 Axis Pick Up Packaging Stacking 0

Body mass 600kg

Protection level: IP54, wrist shaft: IP67
Installation environment temperature 0 ° -+45 °
Humidity 20% -80% RH (no condensation)
Vibration below 4.9m/s2
Other flammable and corrosive gases are not allowed, and liquids should be kept away from electrical noise sources
Power capacity * 3 4.5kVA
Installation method * 4 floor mounted, upside down, wall mounted, inclined
Purpose: Handling, picking/packaging, palletizing, assembly/repackaging
Note * 1: The load on the U-arm varies with the weight of the wrist load.
*2: JIS B 8432 as the benchmark.
*3: Depending on the purpose and action mode.
*4: When installing in a wall mounted or inclined manner, there may be restrictions on the movement of the S-axis. (Note) This table is in SI units


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