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Chemical Stability Robot Protective Cover Corrosion Resistance Anti heat

Chemical Stability Robot Protective Cover Corrosion Resistance Anti heat

Chemical Stability Robot Protective Cover

Robot Protective Cover Corrosion Resistance

Anti Heat robot cover protection

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Product Details
Product Name:
Robot Protective Coverall
Safety Work
Anti-Static, Fire Proof, Anti-heat, Anti-cut, Radiation Pro
Customized Size
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Price negotiable
Delivery Time
7-10 days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
goods in stock
Product Description

Robot protective clothing chemical stability, suitable for various chemical environments corrosion resistance

Function Anti-Static, Fire proof, Anti-heat, Anti-cut, Radiation proof, Anti-dust
Product name Robot Protective Coverall
Material Polyester
Application Safety Work
Feature Dust-proof
Style Normal
Size Customized Size
Keyword Robot Protective Cover
Usage Protective Workwear
Packing 1pc/bag

Chemical Stability Robot Protective Cover Corrosion Resistance Anti heat 0

一, Features of robot protective clothing products:

1. Temperature: Suitable for various temperatures;
2. Chemical stability: suitable for corrosion resistance in various chemical environments
3. Customized according to the size design of the instrument, coordinated and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 4 Effects: Protect the instrument from normal operation.
5. The space has a wide range of adaptability and can also be used in narrow areas
二, Robot protective clothing product performance:
1. The insulation sleeve has good insulation effect and is resistant to high and low temperatures
2. Good chemical stability, resistant to various chemical corrosion: anti moth, anti mildew. 3. Insulation sleeve, fireproof and flame retardant
三, Robot protective clothing has strong adaptability:

(Compared to traditional insulation, it has a star advantage) A: It can be used multiple times (traditional insulation can only be used once)
B: Using dry pipes and equipment of different shapes, especially for "irregular parts", has more advantages, even in situations where traditional insulation cannot achieve, detachable flexible tear protection
Clothing can also be done (because traditional insulation is made of "hard materials" that are not easily bent or deformed)
四, Category of robot protective clothing:
1. Internal temperature protection type: to maintain the "temperature of the insulation body", so that internal heat energy does not intersect with the outside world (convection, radiation, transmission), ensuring the necessary temperature for production
To maximize the utilization of internal heat and achieve energy-saving goals..
2. Anti external heat radiation type: prevents strong external heat radiation, preventing external heat from being transmitted to the inside of the insulated body, affecting the normal working temperature of the insulated body, and even damaging equipment, components, instruments, etc.
3. Anti freezing plow: prevents external low temperatures from affecting the working temperature inside the insulation body, mainly used for anti freezing and process stability of pipelines, equipment, instruments, and instruments. The materials used are
The material and insulation form shall be determined according to the on-site requirements
4. Low temperature insulation type: prevents external high temperatures from being transmitted to the low temperature insulation zone.
5. Heat tracing insulation type (heating insulation type): In order to meet the production process conditions. Alternatively, to prevent low-temperature freezing, it is necessary to actively provide heat sources for heating equipment, pipelines, etc
It is necessary to add insulation clothes (covers) to maintain a certain temperature to meet the temperature requirements of process and equipment operation.

Chemical Stability Robot Protective Cover Corrosion Resistance Anti heat 1

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